Start building muscle?

Decision has been made – you finally want to start building muscle and be fitter, healthier and become more attractive! Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, in this post I will show you 5 simple steps how you can get started today in order to put your good intentions into practice! So let’s go …

Step 1 Start building muscle or would you prefer to lose weight?

The best thing to do now is to think about what you want to achieve. How do you want to change your body? Would you like to build a six pack ? Do you want to get more muscular in general? Or would you like to lose on the stomach or on the hips ?

It is important to have only one goal in mind. Gaining 10 kilograms of muscle in 2 weeks and losing 10 kilograms of fat at the same time is unrealistic! So your goal should be small, but achievable as quickly as possible.

For example, a goal could be to lose at least 5 kilograms in the next 3 months or to gain 1cm biceps circumference in the next 2 months. No matter what your goal is, write it down on a piece of paper now and hang it up somewhere you can see it every day! From now on it is important to get closer to this goal every day, step by step.

In order to stay motivated in the long term, I regularly follow fitness athletes on YouTube who already look like I imagine my goal. You too can look for a role model and study exactly how this person trains and what diet he or she follows.

TIP: You can find impressive athletes, for example, in our fitness interviews here . There I regularly interview successful athletes about their training and daily diet.

Step 2 Get an effective guide now to achieve your goal

I want to build 10 kilograms of muscle “. This sentence is easy to pronounce, but what exactly do you need to achieve this goal? You can find instructions for everything online. Why not also follow a guide to build muscle or lose fat quickly?

Specifically, I’m talking about a training plan and a nutrition plan . With a good training plan you will build muscle much faster! A good training plan is individually adapted to your current starting situation and your goal.

You can get such a good training plan for example here for little money! Just training randomly is the worst thing you can do and will very likely end up in an injury sooner or later.

The subject of nutrition and nutrition plan is a little more complex. Here I recommend that you read yourself carefully. You can do that right now by reading the following articles:

Frauen Bodybuilding

Step 3 train together or prefer a loner?

In the next step you should now think about whether you want to walk the path to your goal alone or whether you want to go it together with a partner / friend.

There are people who prefer to train alone. Put on fitness shoes , pack your gym bag and off to the gym. You are extremely flexible and independent.

However, training for two can also be very motivating and also be a lot of fun.

Do you know someone who also wants to build muscle or has the same goal as you? Then call this person now and make an appointment for a first training session together!

Step 4 Home gym or fitness studio?

Another good way to start implementing your fitness goals immediately is to register in a fitness studio. You can now start looking for the best fitness studios in your area online.

Every fitness studio has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, pay close attention to what the respective gym offers you and whether it meets all your requirements at a fair price.

If, for example, you can only train late at night due to work, then look for a fitness studio that is open 24 hours. Do you like going to the sauna or solarium after training? Then a fitness studio that has these services included in the price is perfect for you.

Once you have finally found the right fitness studio for you, call directly and arrange a test training!

A gym is not your thing – you prefer to train at home?

No problem either! However, if you are serious about building muscle , then you need at least a basic piece of fitness equipment for your home gym. This basic equipment should consist of the following fitness equipment:

1. A high quality dumbbell set, and

2. a stable weight bench, like this one here:



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  • for oblique, flat & negative bench presses
  • suitable for beginners and professionals
  • sophisticated folding system
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Step 5 Fitness equipment & the right nutrition for maximum success

So that you have no more excuses, you should immediately start giving away all the unhealthy foods in your fridge. That sounds tough, but it’s the most effective method to really change something in your life!

You can also go shopping right away. A healthy diet for building muscle consists of unprocessed, low-sugar and high-protein foods.

Doesn’t it read delicious? But it is! Just take a look at my fitness recipes …

You can also buy a good whey protein powder , for example. A protein shake after training is delicious and promotes muscle regeneration.

The subject of fitness equipment is also an issue that you can tackle immediately. Just as a skier needs the right ski equipment, you too should get the right sports equipment.

If you plan to train your muscles in a gym, then it is advisable to invest in the following basic equipment:

  • Fitness-Shirt
  • Training pants
  • Training gloves or grip pads
  • Sports bra for women
  • Drinking bottle
  • Training shoes

TIP: The running shoe is the most important component for running training. Choose here and ngt a suitable shoe size in order to avoid injuries! At 21RUN you will find a helpful size table so that shoes bought online fit correctly.

Summarized! The 5 steps with which you can get started immediately

    1. Find a role model and now define your goal. Write it on a piece of paper and start working on it now!
    2. Get a good training plan here and a nutrition plan !


  1. Think about whether you want to start with someone or alone. If you know someone who has the same goals as you, call that person today and get started!
  2. Buy the best fitness equipment now so that you can train effectively at home or register in a fitness studio today!
  3. So that you have no more excuses, buy the right groceries today and get yourself the right fitness equipment for maximum motivation!