Abdominal Exercises at Home? These are the 6 most effective

Are there any effective abdominal exercises at home ? Yes there is! You can also build steel-hard abs from the comfort of home! In this post I’ll tell you what you need to consider when doing abdominal training at home and which the 6 best six pack exercises for at home are! So let’s go …

What do you have to consider when doing abdominal training at home?

Whether you train in the gym or at home in your own home gym, it does not matter for the development of the abdominal muscles. It is much more important that you regularly follow a well thought-out training plan .

In addition, it is important that D u eat a healthy diet rich in protein. Hard training and a healthy diet are the basic requirements for building a six-pack!

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So does “hard six pack training” mean 100 sit-ups every day?

No – absolutely not! The abdominal muscles are exposed to constant stress in everyday life. Regardless of whether you bend down or move up from the couch, the abdominal muscles are always active. Therefore they are used to high repetitions!

For abdominal training at home, it is most effective if you choose low repetitions but high intensity (load). A maximum of 12 repetitions per set is sufficient! During the 12th repetition, your abdominal muscles should burn so that no further repetitions are possible.

It is also completely sufficient if you do your ab training at home to the maximumPerform twice a week in a full-body training plan. Always give 100% and don’t forget to train your other muscles too, because that’s the only way to get a fully toned and aesthetic body!

What are the best training devices for abdominal training at home?

Classic abdominal exercises to do at home are, for example, sit-ups, crunches or hip lifts (see videos below). For these six-pack exercises you need nothing more than a non-slip floor mat, such as this one!

These exercises are sufficient at the beginning of your home workout. Over time, however, you have to challenge your abs with new challenges so that you become stronger and your abs continue to grow. Then you can set new stimuli for six-pack training with the help of training equipment and additional weights.

Abdominal exercises at home – the best training equipment that I can recommend for your home gym are the following:

Example six-pack training plan for beginners & advanced

As mentioned above, the six-pack training only makes sense if the entire body is trained. The abdominal training at home should only be a part of your training plan , which could look like this:

Sixpack training plan for beginners

  • 2 sets of 12 repetitions Crunches with knee to chest (see videos below)
  • 2 sets of 12 repetitions Hip raises

Sixpack training plan for advanced users

  • 2 sets of 10-12 repetitions Leg raises on the chin-up bar with feet outstretched
  • 2 sets of 10-12 repetitions Sit-ups on the incline bench with a weight plate in front of the chest
  • 2 sets of 10-12 repetitions Roll out with the belly roller

TIP: If you still need a good full-body training plan for home, then simply create one with the help of our training plan configurator here …

These are the top 6 abdominal exercises for home

Abdominal exercise No. 1 – Crunches with knees to the chest

Abdominal exercise No. 2 – H lift up

Abdominal exercise No. 3 – Scissor Kicks

Abdominal exercise No. 4 – Situps on the negative bench

Abdominal exercise No. 5 – Roll out with an abdominal roller

Abdominal exercise no. 6 – B lift into the pull-up bar

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