Alcohol and muscle building – a high percentage success killer?

Alcohol is a harmful cell toxin that acts on can cause damage to our body in multiple ways. So not only when building muscle! In this post you can find out everything about alcohol and muscle building and whether alcohol also shows its negative effect when losing weight! So let’s go …

Alcohol and muscle building – Success killer No. 1?

Alcohol and muscle building – this combination is really a real success killer and not just when it comes to losing weight . Alcohol also has a very disruptive effect on muscle building.

Anyone who has trained with a hangover knows how to tell a song about it. There is a lack of motivation, there is a significant reduction in performance and lead tiredness spreads. But that’s not all!

If alcohol penetrates our body, this has only to do with getting the toxin out of the body. Neutralizing the “poisoning” is therefore a top priority. The important metabolic processes that are necessary for muscle building cannot take place or only to a very limited extent.

These processes include protein biosynthesis (muscle building), ATP synthesis and also oxidation of fatty acids (fat burning).

Alcohol and weight loss – this combination is also a no-go!

What most people do not know or ignore is that alcohol not only has a significant influence on our muscle building, but also on fat burning. This is particularly worth knowing for us strength athletes and bodybuilders, because this fact is generally underestimated or played down.

Alcohol can be very harmful in many ways. Especially if you train for a six pack , build muscle or want to achieve effective fat burning. If the body fat percentage is to be reduced, a constant deficit of calories is necessary. Only then does the body pull off the unsightly fat deposits and burn the body fat.

Already three beers a day are enough so that the desired energy deficit can hardly be achieved, because effective fat burning is strongly inhibited by the alcohol.

Alcohol is also relatively high in calories, but it doesn’t fill you up. You still have to add the alcoholic calories to the total calorie consumption of the day. If you don’t do that, you become overweight and you get the typical beer belly.


… that half a liter of beer is in Average provides 200 Kcal? 1 gram of alcohol contains 7.1 Kcal.

Alcohol after training?

I don’t have any good news here either! The post-workout beer is also harmful. If you have an intensive muscle building training behind you, the body then goes into a muscle building regulating state.

If you now consume alcohol, the metabolism no longer concentrates on the supply of sufficient free amounts amino acids and carbohydrates, which are very important for the process of muscle building.

Alcohol disrupts the phases of regeneration and this greatly inhibits muscle development, because muscles are not created during hard training, but in the regeneration phase afterwards!

Does alcohol promote sleep and thus muscle building?

During sleep, our body regenerates after a hard workout and, in the best case, builds up muscles. Too little sleep and too much alcohol are almost “deadly” for building muscle.

Alcohol prevents a restful sleep and lowers testosterone levels very much. Those who drink alcohol feel relaxed and fall asleep quickly, but sleep is disturbed and the various phases of sleep get mixed up.

The so-called REM phases and deep sleep phases, which are particularly important for regeneration and make up 70 percent of sleep, cannot take place effectively. As a result, brain activity, breathing and body temperature cannot be regulated in such a way that the muscles can recover.

Too much alcohol – what to do if it does happen?

It has certainly happened to you that you looked too deeply into the glass and woke up the next day with a fat head? Training is then out of the question.

The highest priority should now be to get the body back on track as quickly as possible. Effective remedies for hangovers are: Drink plenty of water! Alcohol removes water from the body, which must be refilled as quickly as possible.

Alcohol also removes minerals from the body. A hearty meal with lots of vegetables and fruit helps here. The classic rollmops also helps. This fish contains a lot of minerals that are missing after consuming alcohol.

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