Back training at home – the 7 most effective back exercises

Are looking for the best back exercises to do at home? The back muscles count as well as the leg muscles the largest muscles in our body. Back training at home should be correspondingly hard and intense! In this post you will find my TOP 7 back exercises at home , with which you are guaranteed to build a broad back!

Back training at home – which fitness equipment do you need?

If you seriously plan to build a wide back from home, then you will not be able to avoid one or the other high-quality fitness equipment.

It is also important to increase the weight regularly during back training at home in order to constantly give the back muscles new growth stimuli.

So that you can perform the following 7 back exercises below cleanly, sufficient weights or weight plates, as well as dumbbells and barbells, are required.

A weight bench for optimal support, for example when one-armed row or for exercising flat bench presses , is a sensible investment for your own home gym.

I recommend these fitness equipment to be able to train the back muscles effectively over the long term:

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7 fitness exercises for at home – with these back exercises you build a broad back

1. Back exercise for at home – Cross to lift

The deadlift works a lot of different muscles. Because of this, the deadlift is also one of the best and most popular exercises for the back. Performed correctly, this back exercise is guaranteed to build a wide cross.

TIP: You can find all information about deadlifts in this article “ Deadlifts – the ultimate exercise for wide and massive back muscles “

  • Target muscles used: Broad back muscles, back extensors, leg extensors, buttocks, hood muscles
  • Supporting muscles: Abdominal muscles, calves, arm muscles

2. Back exercise at home – pull-ups

TIP: In this article you will find out how you can get better and stronger with pull-up training ” Pull-ups – this is how you improve your pull-up performance! “

  • Exerted target muscles: Pull-ups are perfect for exercising all of the back muscles. In this very demanding back exercise, however, you mainly train the broad back muscle, large rhomboid muscle, trapezius
  • Supporting muscles are: The large and small chest muscles, forearm and upper arm muscles

3. Back exercise at home – one-armed row bent forward with the dumbbell

  • Target muscles used: Broad back muscles, rear shoulder muscles, back extensors, hood muscles, biceps
  • Supporting muscles: abdominal muscles

4. Back exercise at home – Bent over row with underhand grip

  • Target muscles used: Broad back muscles, rear shoulder muscles, hood muscles, large and small rhombus muscles, lower bone muscles
  • Supporting muscles are: biceps and arm flexors

5. Back exercise at home – T-bar row

  • Target muscles used: Broad back muscles, rear shoulder muscles, hood muscles, back extensors
  • Supporting muscles: Abdominal muscles, upper leg muscles, biceps

6. Back exercise at home – bent side raise with the dumbbell

  • Target muscles used: Posterior shoulder muscles, hood muscles, small and large rhombus muscles, lower bone muscles
  • Supporting muscles: Front and side shoulder muscles

7. Back exercise at home – Good Mornings

  • Target muscles used: back extensors, gluteus muscles, hamstrings,
  • Supporting muscles: none

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