Dumbbell training – the 10 most effective dumbbell exercises for home

Hanteltraining is a very effective training for muscle building and offers several decisive advantages over training the machine! In this blog post you will find among other things the 10 best dumbbell exercises, which you can not only use in the gym, but also during dumbbell training at home.

Dumbbell training vs. Machine training

Dumbbell training is usually always preferable to training on the machine, and for one simple reason: Dumbbell training not only trains one muscle group in isolation, but also trains other so-called “supporting muscles”.

This leads to the fact that many more muscle fibers are activated and therefore better muscle growth can be expected. In machine training, the training device takes over the work of the supporting muscles to a large extent.

That is also the reason why more weight can usually be handled on the machine. However, this also means that fewer muscle fibers are activated and the muscles are trained in a more isolated manner.

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When does training on the machine make more sense than dumbbell training?

Beginners usually find it difficult with dumbbells, because it is very easy to fake an exercise with the dumbbell. This is not only ineffective for the muscle to be trained, but can also very quickly lead to injuries and the interruption of training.

Beginners who would still like to start training with dumbbells, for example because there are no training machines at home, should always do so under the supervision of an experienced athlete if possible.

If you don’t know anyone who looks over your back during training, you should inform yourself well beforehand about the sequence of movements of an exercise and then do it exactly in front of the mirror


If you want to train your muscles from home, I recommend a stable weight bench and the following high-quality dumbbell set for home gymnastics:

Kurz- und Langhantel-Set von Hop-Sport

Dumbbell and barbell set from Hop-Sport

  • 3 different dumbbell bars (SZ, dumbbell and barbell)
  • 27.5 kg plastic weight plates (36 kg in total)
  • Weight plates with floor-protecting plastic cover
  • non-slip grip surfaces on the barbell


These are the 10 best dumbbell exercises at a glance!

Train your entire body at home or in the gym with just one dumbbell set and a weight bench? Yes, that is possible! In the following I will show you a very efficient dumbbell exercise for muscle building .

for each muscle group

1. Crunches with dumbbells
– Dumbbell exercises for the six-pack training

2. Deadlifts
– dumbbell exercise for the entire back muscles

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3. Barbell lunges
– Dumbbell training for the leg muscles

4. Squats with dumbbells
– The best exercise for strong and muscular legs

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5. Dumbbell bench press
– dumbbell training for entire chest muscles

6. Dumbbell flying on the incline
– Dumbbell exercise for pronounced upper chest muscles

TIP: For the dumbbell exercise “flying”, you can find a detailed article

7. Military Press
– dumbbell training for the entire shoulder muscles

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8. Lateral raises
– dumbbell exercise for the lateral shoulder muscles

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9. Kickbacks
– dumbbell exercises for strong triceps

10. Concentration curls
– dumbbell training for a big biceps

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It is not difficult to train your entire body effectively with just a few dumbbells. There are also countless exercise variations for at home so that it never gets boring!

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