EMS training at home? All advantages + training exercises

Did you know that electronic muscle stimulation , or EMS for short, can also be done at home thanks to high-tech EMS equipment from is possible? How it works, 5 decisive advantages and whether EMS training at home might also be something for you, you can now find out in this article!

EMS training at home – 5 advantages compared to classic EMS training in the studio

Are you still wondering whether EMS training at home might not be more practical? The 5 biggest advantages are now at a glance:

1. Then train when you want!

A classic EMS studio has regular and, above all, limited opening times because training there requires the supervision of a trainer. With EMS equipment , for example from ANTELOPE , this is an end: whether early in the morning before work, after the late shift or on a Sunday – your training whenever you want.

2. Put an end to restricted movement!

For the electrical stimulation in the studio, you are firmly wired to a station , which restricts your freedom of movement. EMS sportswear for at home, on the other hand, can be worn like normal activewear and you don’t even notice how much high-tech you are wearing on your body.

3. My EMS suit belongs to me!

As much as we would like to share our joy in EMS with others, we are also convinced that there are some things that are better not to share: the toothbrush, ice cream from our favorite café and also sportswear!

Fit, comfort and hygiene are absolutely important here so that you can feel good while exercising and that is much easier with your own EMS suit for home than with the EMS devices used by countless athletes in Studios.


4. Train how and what you want!

Unlike in the EMS studios, with mobile EMS training you can practice various types of sport at different levels of intensity: be it jogging, a round of badminton or even stomach, legs and buttocks training , your imagination is empty Limits set!

5. Get the most out of every sporting activity!

EMS increases your effectiveness in sports many times over – so why only use it once or twice a week in the studio when you could use this effect for every one of your sports units, whether jogging or working out at home? You can always wear your mobile EMS suit!

For whom is mobile EMS training particularly suitable?

Mobile EMS training is ideal for everyone who has little time, is on the move a lot and still doesn’t want to do without effective muscle training .

Particularly suitable is mobile EMS training for managers and executives who are often on the move. EMS training at home is also popular with mothers, who want to keep their bodies in shape even with children and everyday stress.

Which exercises can I do at home?

If you really want to train at home in your own four walls, you can do a sports unit with EMS training at home!

I always recommend a short warm-up training on the treadmill or rowing machine and then a series of exercises in which various body units are trained.

I would particularly like to recommend you Crunches, Planks and Squats for the EMS training at home. If you integrate these exercises into your training, you can ensure that all parts of the body are stressed and trained equally.


Mobile EMS training can open up undreamt-of ways and possibilities for you to design your training the way you like it, regardless of time and place. Training with electricity offers many advantages and can be a good alternative to classic muscle training, especially for people with little time in everyday life .

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