Increased strength – this way you will quickly become stronger during training

Do you work diligently from week to week your muscles, but only the others make visible progress? But why is that so? And does an increase in strength automatically mean muscle building? The answers and many helpful tips on how you can get stronger quickly can now be found in this post!

What is the difference between success and failure in strength training?

If you compare the training systems of those who are successful and those who always look the same, you often don’t see any differences at first glance. Both do their bench press for the chest or their lat pulldown for the back .

But there has to be a difference somewhere?

Many people would probably scream out right now and shout “genetics” or “diet”, but often the reason is much simpler!

stärker werden

Get stronger – the key to success is called “Increase in strength”

Maybe you know it – you do fitness and train your muscles regularly, but the successes are rather sparse or barely visible? Are you dissatisfied and would you like to have significantly more muscles and more strength? Then there is only one solution to your problem and that is:

Increase your weights regularly!

Only if you increase your weights regularly will you achieve lasting success in terms of strength and muscle building ( hypertrophy ) e r. The best training plan does mean nothing if you don’t regularly challenge your muscles with new challenges. Muscles get used to the same weights and exercises very quickly!

Overcome your limits in training and become stronger!

You think you are too weak to increase weights?

There are certain muscle exercises where you just can’t get stronger? Are you stagnant and your strength just doesn’t increase? Then consider the following two points for your training:

You are doing your exercises unclean and using too much weight

It is absolutely pointless if you put on a lot of weight, but the execution of the exercise suffers greatly. You won’t get a step further in the long run – on the contrary – it will throw you back ! At some point the day will come when you have to go down with the weights.

Reasons for this can be because you are simply not getting stronger, but even weaker or even worse because you have injured yourself. And believe me, this will really frustrate you! So be very careful that your exercise is always very clean!

If you can’t do 8 reps with a clean execution, go down the weights until you can do 8 clean reps. In the next workout, try to increase to 9 or 10 reps.

You will quickly notice that your target muscle is hit and trained much better as a result. This results in better muscle stimulation, you will become stronger and your muscles will also become wider.

It can also be that although you take less weight, you suddenly feel and stronger sore muscles after training. This can also be a clear indication that you have trained incorrectly so far!

You underestimate yourself, go beyond your limits

Even though you make clean statements, you simply cannot increase the weights because you think you have too little strength? Then you underestimate yourself! Many exercisers do not even try to increase the weights because they firmly believe that they will not be able to manage the weight anyway.

Do you know that about yourself? Then just try the following: Ask a training partner if he can help you briefly and in the next training session, for example bench press, simply put 1.25 or 2.5 kilograms more per side on the bar. I guarantee you can lift the weight at least a few repetitions!

And that is exactly the proof that you can very well move more weights if you just try!

Even if it is only 3 or 4 repetitions – it doesn’t matter, you have accepted a new challenge and in the next training you are trying to beat this number of repetitions! This is how muscle building and strength increase work!

4 simple tips, how you can get stronger quickly!

1. Write in your training plan, in addition to the exercises, always also the number of repetitions and the weight. So you can watch over time how your strength develops.

2. Try to beat the number of repetitions from the last training session in each training unit. If you can currently bench press 6 clean repetitions, try to press 7 or more clean repetitions on the next n times.

3. If you have reached 10 repetitions, regardless of the muscle exercise, then increase the weight of the large muscle groups by 1.5 to 2.5 kg and for the smaller ones by 0.5 to 1 kilogram.

4. Basically, you have to increase your weight every 2 to 4 weeks and work on the repetitions in the meantime.

Important: With this system, make sure that you take a break of 1 week every 2-3 months. You don’t train at all for a week, so your tendons, joints, ligaments and your entire muscle and nervous system can completely recover! Really use this time to regenerate!

Conclusion and tip at the end

Now you know all the requirements to quickly become stronger in training. In addition to increasing strength, regularly increasing the weights also has the advantage that you will have much more fun with your training!

You not only get stronger, but also generally more stable. Personal limits are exceeded and after half a year you will be amazed when you see the weights on your old training plan.

TIP: You can find more information on the topic of strength and muscle building for beginners in this post!

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