Multi-gym test 2020 – the best fitness stations for home

Train at home whenever you feel like it? Sounds great right? A multi-gym makes it possible! In this multi-gym test you will not only find the top 3 training stations at a glance, but I will also show you which muscles you can train effectively with a multi-gym and what you should pay attention to when buying should!

Multi-gym test – the top 3 fitness stations 2020 for home

Train at home whenever you feel like it? That is probably the dream of every strength athlete! A fitness studio is not always just around the corner or the opening times do not match the times that you can find for training.

If you do make it to the gym, you have to share the equipment with the other people who exercise. So many excuses not to go to the gym or exactly the right reasons why you should get yourself a multi-gym for home?

If you know exactly which muscles need to be trained and how, you can also train optimally from home with a multi-gym, which is also called a fitness station, multi-station or training station .

Fitness stations are designed in such a way that all important muscle groups can be trained effectively, but still health-friendly, and they also offer many other advantages!

The advantages and disadvantages of a power station at a glance

+ the advantages

Great variety of exercises: With a multi-gym, the entire body can be effectively trained from home with many different exercises.

Suitable for beginners and advanced users: A multi-station is particularly suitable for beginners. With the guided exercises on the device , beginners can quickly learn how to perform the exercises correctly. TIP: Don’t forget to get a good training plan for at home here!

You save money: A high-quality multi-gym like this one is expensive to buy, but fuel and membership fees in the gym cost a lot more in the long run! So you save money after just a few months!

– the disadvantages

The size: The installation site should be planned carefully in advance, because a multi-gym requires at least 3-4m² of space and cannot be adjusted. In addition, another 2-3 meters of space should be planned around the station for the training itself.

What do you have to consider when buying a multi-gym?

The selection of multi-gyms is very large and ranges from simple, inexpensive equipment for beginners to an expensive professional multi-gym.

When buying a multi-gym, it is important to have the greatest possible variety of exercise options . After all, the entire body should be able to be trained in a variety of ways. In addition, the device should be expandable with additional weights .

Another criterion for buying a multi-gym is the good adjustment options of the various elements. The height of the bench, backrests, height of the cable pulls and butterfly should be quickly and easily adjustable to suit the individual exercising.

The multi-gym must also meet high quality criteria . Since the weight loads are high in the long run, the pull ropes, bearings and pulleys must be of high quality. Moving the cables and weights should be easy and quiet. This is the only way to ensure effective training that is gentle on the joints.

TIP: Even a look at the assembly instructions does not hurt, because so that the assembly can be done at home without problems, understandable and simple instructions should be available!

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