Muscle Building Tips – 10 Mistakes You Should Avoid

Have you been training for months or even years and want to build muscles , but somehow nothing is going? From your point of view, you are doing everything right, but are your muscles telling you otherwise? Then you may be making some mistakes subconsciously. Avoid the following 10 training mistakes and you will build muscle – guaranteed!

Have you ever asked yourself this question? I personally ask myself this question very often!

There are many answers to this, but I am convinced that one answer is particularly crucial: Athletes who are more successful make fewer mistakes than I do!

Successful strength athletes don’t just dull focus on their training. These athletes also pay attention to many other factors in everyday training that make them more successful at the end of the day.

No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. However, one should always learn from mistakes. So try to avoid the following 10 muscle building tips in your everyday training as much as possible, then you too will be one of those who build muscles!

You decide who you want to be!

Building muscle tip No. 1 – Building muscles is like brushing your teeth in the morning

Once you have a passion for weight training, you will quickly notice that muscle training can be really fun.

Sure, building muscles in the beginning means going out of your own comfort zone and experiencing real pain, at the latest on the next day when the sore muscles come.

Over time, however, the body gets used to the strain and you will no longer perceive the muscle training as a torture. The training should at some point be part of your lifestyle as naturally as brushing your teeth in the morning.

So set yourself fixed days of the week where you will definitely train. Training should always have the highest priority and is only skipped if you are ill!

Friends and family have to take a back seat, because after all you have a goal and if they are true friends, then they will understand you and also support you in achieving your goals!

Conclusion: Sport is like brushing your teeth, it’s part of life! So don’t make the mistake of letting yourself be diverted from your path by external influences!

Muscle building tip no. 2 – You need more dumplings eat, then you will be big and strong!

That was exactly the phrase my grandma used to say to me that I hated so much. But in the broadest sense she was right! Diet plays a very big role in weight training – if not an even bigger one than training.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a muscle building nutrition plan , but at least a daily basic structure that covers the protein requirement of 1.3 to 1.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight .

So don’t make the mistake of consuming too little food ( proteins ). Without a slight excess of calories, you will find it very difficult to build muscle.

MUSCLE BUILDING TIP: If you are unable to meet your protein requirements with your daily diet, then simply drink a protein shake with high-quality protein powder more often. I personally use this one:

Muscle building tip no. 3 – More is NOT ALWAYS the same when building muscle more

Even if many are convinced of the opposite, more sets, more weight and s omit more training volume, does not mean more muscle building!

Too many sets only lead to a longer regeneration, although the muscle building stimulus for the muscle has long been achieved.

MUSCLE BUILDING TIP: If you want to build muscles quickly, you will not achieve this with five extra sets. Too many sentences may be good for the ego, but absolutely unnecessary when building muscle!

Muscle building tip No. 4 – Muscles build up – technology is the magic word

Recently, someone in the gym told me that he always does 10 sets for the biceps but never really feels the muscle. I then asked him to make a sentence to show me how he trains.

The problem was quickly identified – he simply had poor technique in performing the exercise. As a result, he didn’t hit the target muscle and the biceps remained small and weak!

Important: Work constantly on your technology! Have a colleague check the execution of the exercise or watch your exercise very closely in the mirror.

Muscle building tip no. 5 – Would you build your house without a blueprint?

E a good training plan is one of the basics for successful muscle building , I can’t write this sentence often enough! Simply wandering around haphazardly in the gym will only cost you pointless time and will not help you in the long run.

A professional training plan makes perfect sense. Change your exercises regularly every few months.

MUSCLE BUILDING TIP: Here you can download a training plan adapted to your training level …

Muscle building tip no. 6 – Training for women? Wrong motivation

Unfortunately, wrong motivation is very often the reason why people fail. Of course we also train for the girls , but first and foremost the goal should always be to beat yourself and get a little better every day.

Just to be more popular with the girls won’t keep you training in the long run. At the latest, the decision will be made when you have a girlfriend for whom muscles do not play a major role.

Muscle building tip No. 7 – The small goals are the big ones !

Where do you want to go? Having a clear goal is important in order not to lose focus. However, set yourself small goals that you can achieve in a reasonable amount of time.

Sure, your goal is to achieve a muscular and aesthetic body, but that is your ultimate goal and it will take years, so you need a tangible goal for the next few weeks.

A good goal is, for example, to reach a certain body weight by a certain date. Hence my muscle building tip: Set yourself small, tangible goals instead of big ones!

Muscle building tip No. 8 – I don’t make any mistakes

Sometimes you get the impression that some people are unteachable. They just believe that what they are doing is 100% right. One thing should be said: You don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

If a successful athlete gives you a helpful tip, then accept it with thanks. It is not for nothing that there are people who en personal trainer quiet so that they can quickly learn from him how it works.

If someone draws your attention to your performance, then ask whether there is a spark of truth behind this criticism. You are often blind yourself and don’t recognize mistakes as quickly as someone else!

Muscle building tip no. 9 – Do you think you are strong?

Do you believe in yourself and that you can lift, push, pull a weight that you have never managed before in your life?

Many strength athletes underestimate themselves! They don’t increase their weights because they think they won’t be able to do it anyway. But building muscles means a progressive increase in weights . Only those who regularly increase the weights will also build muscles!

TIP: Try to lift weights regularly, preferably together with a training partner who you do not trust yourself and be amazed at what happens! Don’t make the mistake of underestimating yourself!

Muscle building tip No. 10 – Not all of them mean well with you

Sooner or later you will get to know people who are not convinced of what you are doing. They will also try to badmouth what you do or convince you of their opinion.

I can only give you one piece of advice: Stay strong! If you want to build muscle, then build muscle! No matter what others think of it. It is mostly ignorance that makes people judge quickly.

But so-called “haters” are always and everywhere, if I had always let myself be unsettled by what others believe they think, then this fitness blog would not exist here!


Building muscles means making as few mistakes as possible in training and nutrition . Only if you constantly take two steps up the ladder and only one step back will you end up at the top.

Unfortunately, you won’t be more successful than others if you just follow one of the above tips for building muscle. Only if you try to avoid all mistakes as possible will you achieve your dream body in the end!

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