No muscle building – others build muscle, just you don’t?

Do you give everything in muscle training, but somehow no muscle building works for you? Do you have to watch other exercisers achieve better results with apparently less effort? For this reason, in this blog post I’ll show you 5 possible reasons why other fitness athletes build muscles faster than you!

Why am I not building muscles?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? You certainly know a colleague or acquaintance who builds muscles faster than you with a very similar diet and the same training – but why is that?

The reasons for this can be very varied, because every person is different and what works for one does not necessarily have to work for the other!

Often it is small but crucial details that are possible reasons why you are only building muscles very slowly or not at all. Therefore, reconsider the following five points and try to discover weaknesses in your everyday fitness routine.

No muscle building? One of these 5 points can be the reason why others build muscle, except you!

1. Lower body fat percentage means a more muscular appearance and better muscle building

Why your training partner looks more muscular with the same training and a similar diet is also strongly related to the body fat percentage. With the same muscle strength and muscle mass, a lower body fat percentage looks significantly more muscular.

A high percentage of body fat should generally be avoided because it increases the level of estrogen and the Testosterone level drops. In addition, when the body fat percentage is high, the body draws more water into the muscles and promotes faster fat storage in the fat stores.

TIP: Those who keep a consistently low body fat percentage below 15% all year round also have fewer problems dieting down after the “bulking phase”.

2. Does less sleep mean less muscle building?

Muscles do not grow during training, but rather during the rest phase in which you regenerate. So if you will – muscles mainly grow during sleep!

So if you exercise a lot and get little sleep, the body has less time to recover. So make sure that you get enough sleep. 8-9 hours are ideal.

But not only little sleep, a lot of stress also inhibits the body’s ability to regenerate and increases the cortisol level . A poor ability to regenerate, due to little sleep and a lot of stress, automatically means less muscle building in the long term!

TIP: If the sore muscles suddenly lasts much longer after a normal workout, this can be an indication of poorer regeneration!


3. Not every nutritional strategy works for everyone!

For some, intermittent fasting is the ideal form of nutrition to build up clean muscle mass, for others 7 meals spread over the day work better. Just because you know someone who has a specific nutritional strategy doesn’t mean you will get the same success with it.

Basically, however, when building muscle, you should consume at least 1.3 to 1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight daily. Fat and carbohydrates are variable and have to be adapted to your body and your everyday life.

TIP: Are you a hardgainer and you find it difficult to consume the necessary amount of calories that you need to build muscle? Then I recommend you to drink a weight gainer every day!

These are the 3 best weight gainers that I recommend:

4. Higher performance, greater total calorie consumption

Every person’s everyday life is very different. The total calorie consumption depends strongly on the performance expenditure. The power turnover is the energy consumption that is implemented through active work performance in everyday life.

For example, if you work in an office where you sit in front of the PC all day, the work done is much lower than that of someone who works as a construction worker.

If you train as often as an office worker and eat as much as your colleague as a bricklayer, but you gain fat faster than him, then your lower performance could be a reason for this!

What can you do about it?

Either you reduce your calorie intake, so you eat less, or you change your job (which is a bad idea!), or you introduce additional high-intensity interval training, or HIIT for short .

A HIIT workout is highly intense, fun, and only takes about 20 minutes. The big advantage of HIIT is that you burn a lot of additional calories in this short time and you really boost your metabolism.

TIP: HIIT also works very well from home on the treadmill or on the ergometer .

5. No muscle building because you drink alcohol a lot, but your colleague doesn’t?

The common sense could already tell you that training and alcohol do not go well together. I have already reported in this article about alcohol and training that alcohol has a bad effect on testosterone, our muscle building hormone.

That is why in this paragraph I am giving you my personal opinion on alcohol & muscle building:

Anyone who is serious about building muscle should reduce their alcohol consumption significantly. I think 1-2 beers on the weekend with friends won’t be a reason why you won’t build muscle, but everything about that is just very counterproductive!

With alcohol you poison your body and it is then busy for hours, if not days, to get the poison out of the body again. During this time, muscle building is out of the question.

If you get drunk every weekend, that means at least 52 days a year when there is guaranteed no muscle building. So that’s almost 2 months a year that you waste and in which you could build muscle well – where others are already doing it!

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