Review – Ergometer AL2 Black Edition from Christopeit

It’s cold outside, it’s raining or snowing, and yet you don’t want to go on an intensive bike training dispense? No problem with a exercise bike ! In this post I would like to introduce you to a very special exercise bike – the AL2 ergometer in the Black Edition by Christopeit! What makes this training device so special and whether it also meets your training requirements you can find out here now!

Exercise bike for home? An ergometer

offers these 5 advantages

A exercise bike , which is also often referred to as a exercise bike , is nothing more than a stationary bike, which cycling while standing is simulated . This gives you all the advantages of a classic bicycle plus many more …

1. Effective endurance training

As with classic bike training, an ergometer mainly trains endurance . The cardiovascular system benefits in particular. But not only the heart muscles, but also the buttocks and leg muscles are effectively trained! After a training session you will feel fitter and happier!

2. Perfect for losing weight

Burn a few calories quickly before dinner ? No problem! You could also, for example, integrate half an hour of exercise bikes into your morning routine. As a calorie killer for in between, the exercise bike is the perfect fitness device for at home .

3. Space-saving

Regardless of whether you have a lot or little space in your apartment, in contrast to a treadmill, C rosstrainer or r rowing machine, br a bicycle ergometer only does very little Place.

4. Independent of weather and time

Basically we have two advantages here. Regardless of the weather outside, your training always takes place. You also don’t have to stick to opening times, such as those in the gym, for example. The ergometer at home is ready for you at any time!

5. Inexpensive

Compared to a classic bicycle, an ergometer is usually much cheaper. In addition, the exercise bike is much less maintenance-intensive!

Product Review – The AL2 bicycle ergometer from Christopeit Sport


The AL 2 ergometer from Christopeit, which I would like to introduce to you in more detail below in the Black Edition, offers all of the advantages mentioned above. So if you are looking for an exercise bike under 250 euros , then you should definitely read on now!

– The braking system

When you step on the pedals, a centrifugal mass weighing approx. 9 kilograms is driven, which is slowed down again by the braking system. With the AL2 ergometer, the manufacturer relies on the proven magnetic brake system. This has the advantage that it is wear-free and extremely quiet.

The pedaling resistance caused by the braking system can be set to 24 resistance levels on this exercise bike.

– Computer and training programs:

The Black Edition of the AL2 ergometer has a soft-touch computer with a simple LCD display including smartphone and tablet holder.

The display is divided into 6 clear windows, which provide the following data:

  • speed
  • time
  • Distance covered
  • Calorie consumption
  • Pulse
  • Revolutions per minute
  • Watt

The computer also has 10 pre-installed training programs. 4 of them are heart rate controlled programs. A fitness test function, which assesses your performance based on school grades, is also on board.


– Adjustable seat and handlebar

The adjustable seat is extremely comfortable. It can be adjusted in all directions using a quick release. The hand pulse sensors are located on the handlebars. In addition, the handlebars can be adjusted forwards or backwards in its position.Christopeit-Sport-Ergometer-AL2-Black-Edition-Sitz

– The resilience and stability

The AL2 ergometer offers a particularly high load capacity and stability. With a 150 kilograms maximum body weight, this exercise bike is also suitable for people with a little more fat on their hips !

The height-adjustable foot caps at the rear ensure even more stability. Transport rollers are attached to the front for an easy change of location.


If you are looking for an inexpensive, yet very high-quality and stylish bicycle ergometer, then the AL2 from Christopeit Sport is the ideal training device for at home!

Regardless of the time, this fitness device ensures a lot of fun and intensive training units in your own four walls!

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