Rowing machine test 2020 – the top 3 rowing machines in comparison

When rowing with a rowing machine you can easily train your entire body from home. Rowing is also a lot of fun! A rowing machine doesn’t always have to be expensive. In this rowing machine test you will find a lot of valuable information and a comparison table with our top 3 rowing machines at a glance!

Rowing machine test – the top 3 rowing machines 2020 in comparison

What is a rowing machine?

A rowing machine, also called rowing ergometer or rower in English, is a training device with which one can very effectively train the body in the area of ​​ strength-endurance .

The entire body muscles participate in simulated rowing over the water. In a rowing machine test, a distinction can be made between two different rowing machine systems:

  • On the one hand, rowing with two independently functioning booms
  • and on the other hand the classic rowing machine with rope pull .

A rowing machine with a cable pull is the more popular variant, it is also perfect for training beginners. In this rowing machine test you will find the 3 best rowing machines with rope pull .

Rudern am Rudergerät

What are the advantages of a rowing machine?

Full-body training with a rowing machine not only burns a lot of calories, but also makes you physically fitter. The back muscles also get stronger with regular rowing training. Back pain can be effectively improved or even cured!

The typical physique of a rower is strong round shoulders , a wide back and strong legs . The abdominal muscles and the cardiovascular system also benefit very well from training with the rowing machine. So you can build up a six-pack with a rowing ergometer and also get more stamina for everyday life.

Another advantage of training with the rowing machine is that it is very joint-friendly and is therefore also suitable for very very overweight people .

So if you want to buy a rowing machine for home, you invest in your own fitness, muscle strength, condition & health!

Rowing machine test – the 3 best rowing machines in detail

Das günstige Einsteiger-Rudergerät von SportPlus

The affordable entry-level rowing machine from SportPlus

  • maintenance-free and quiet magnetic brake system
  • up to 150 kg loadable / max. 185 cm height
  • foldable and therefore space-saving
  • inexpensive, yet high-quality rowing machine
  • A chest strap for heart rate measurement is not included in the scope of delivery. A suitable chest strap from SportPlus can be purchased here.

Rating: Our prize winner in this rowing machine test is the rowing machine from SportPlus. It impresses with its modern design and versatile functions. This rowing machine offers 8 resistance levels and a integrated 5 kHz receiver r for an exact pulse measurement with the chest strap. The price / performance ratio is right here!


Das hochwertige Wasser-Rudergerät von XTERRA

The high-quality water rowing machine from XTERRA

  • very similar to rowing in water
  • pleasant and quiet water noise
  • ball-bearing row seat on an aluminum roller rail
  • foldable + integrated pulse receiver
  • incl. racing simulation against the computer
  • Resistance levels can only be set manually using the water filling quantity
  • no chest strap included

Rating: The XTERRA water rowing machine is a high-quality rowing machine. It’s very similar to rowing in the water. Thanks to the quiet splashing of water and the modern design, this rowing machine is particularly “suitable for living rooms” and a clear purchase recommendation!

Buy a rowing machine – what do you have to pay attention to?

You have made up your mind – you want to get fitter, stronger and more muscular and buy a rowing machine? Here is an overview of the 5 points that you should pay particular attention to when buying!

– The train system

When buying a rowing machine, you have the choice between two pulling systems : On the one hand, there is the rowing machine with extension arms that can be moved independently of each other. This variant is most similar to rowing in a rowboat.

The second pulling system is rowing machines with rope pull and T-handle , which you can also find here in our rowing machine test. This variant is perfect for beginners, as the rowing technique does not have to be mastered perfectly.

Both pull systems offer the same training effect. Personally, I prefer a rowing machine with a cable pull. However, which version you choose when buying a rowing machine is a matter of taste.

– The resistance system

Here, too, you are spoiled for choice! The following is a brief overview of the most common resistance systems:

  • Hydraulic brake system: This system can only be found on rowing machines with a boom. This system requires a high degree of coordination in order to achieve even movements.
  • Magnetic brake system: Offers a harmonious sequence of movements with adjustable levels. This system is also maintenance-free and wear-free.
  • Water resistance system: The harder you pull, the higher the resistance d. A rowing machine with water resistance is very similar to rowing on a rowing boat.
  • Air resistance system: As with the water resistance system, the resistance increases the harder you pull.
  • .Rudergerät Test

– The price

Anyone who looks around a little at the product selection of rowing machines will quickly find that there are enormous price differences. From 100 to 2,000 euros, anything is possible here. The price also changes depending on the equipment, resistance system and quality of the materials.

You are not a professional rower and would like to buy your first rowing machine? Then a rowing machine in the price range of 250 to 500 euros is sufficient. At this point, I can recommend our award winner – the rowing machine from SportPlus.

In the higher price segment from 800 euros, you will then receive professional rowing machines such as the Aquon Evolution from Finnlo. Such a rowing machine is then equipped with a high-tech training computer, which even offers competition simulations.

TIP: I would not recommend buying a rowing machine for less than 200 euros. The quality here is mostly poor in the long run!

– The workmanship & quality

The durability of a rowing ergometer is directly related to the processing and the materials used. If you want to buy a rowing machine online , then it is best to read through existing customer reviews.

Once you hold the rowing machine in your hands, it should look stable and robust. If the rowing machine you bought is a rickety frame and looks cheap, don’t hesitate and use your 14-day right of return!

– The range of functions of the computer

Here you should think about which training data is particularly important for you. Features like, Number of strokes, stroke frequency, completed training time, saved distance and an average calorie consumption are mostly standard.

Functions such as heart rate-based training, pre-programmed programs or apps for smartphones and tablets are usually only available on selected models.

Tip at the end

Although all the rowing machines listed in this rowing machine test are equipped with feet made of hard rubber or plastic, I still recommend buying a floor protection mat for rowing machines, for two good reasons :

On the one hand, it also protects the parquet or laminate floor from marks and scratches and, on the other hand, a floor protection mat for rowing machines has a stabilizing and sound-insulating effect.

Such a protective floor mat is not only useful for rowing, it is also a useful combination with a weight bench or a treadmill

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