Women Bodybuilding – The 5 Biggest Myths About Women & Muscle Building

Influenced by the media, many women think they should stay away from dumbbell training in order not to build too many muscles. In truth, muscle training makes women healthier and more attractive! Find out in this post about women bodybuilding, which myths are true and which are just nonsense!

Women bodybuilding – Myth 1: Women can build just as much muscle as men

As most of you can imagine, this statement is by no means true, even if many women are afraid of it. The reason why women cannot build as much muscle by far is due to the male sex hormone – the testosterone .

It is mainly responsible for building muscle. However, women have a much lower level of testosterone in their blood than men. Because of this, women are not able to gain a lot of muscle mass. .


Women with extreme mountains of muscles that you often see in the media , in most cases lead to external male hormones! As a result, women can also build up a lot of muscle mass, but with some very serious side effects! But that has nothing to do with the natural potential of women to build muscles!

Women bodybuilding – myth 2: Women get a flat stomach with six packs through a lot of ab training

A very common misconception is that by training a certain muscle area you also lose fat.

In fact, it is the case that special fitness exercises do not allow targeted fat loss! Targeted fat loss on the stomach, so it cannot be influenced by muscle training.

At which part of the body fat is broken down is determined solely by our body itself and that applies to men and women!

Women bodybuilding myth 3: Breast training shrinks the female breast

There is a persistent opinion that when women do bodybuilding, the female breasts shrink specifically through breast training. The first thing you should know, however, that the female breast consists largely of fatty tissue. With intensive strength training, a calorie deficit can be achieved, which breaks down fat tissue. This can lead to a reduction in the size of the breast.

Muscle training can also have the positive effect of a breast lift, which of course increases the aesthetics. The built-up muscles under the breast tissue also push the breast further out and thus enlarge it.

If the breasts do get smaller, it is not breast training or bodybuilding itself that leads to a reduction in breast size, but general weight loss / fat loss. The breast can also become smaller through fat loss through running training or other sports!

Important: Basically, every sporting activity should wear a sports bra ! This also protects the chest from stretch marks and injuries during training! For example, the sportswear by Hunkemöller is very popular with women

Women Bodybuilding – Myth 4: Women can only get a firm and round bottom through a lot of endurance training

Endurance training, like running or cycling , has many positive effects on the body. The heart muscle becomes stronger and you generally stay fit and healthy. However, endurance training does not directly result in a round bottom. This goal can mainly be achieved through a good leg and bottom training .

The exercises squat , leg press and lunges are best here. As a result, the entire buttocks and leg muscles are trained very well. Regular muscle training makes the bottom tighter and the gain in muscle mass gives it the typical round shape of a cracking bottom

TIP: If your goal is a firm bottom, then as a woman you should prefer muscle training to endurance training!

Women bodybuilding – Myth 5: Women have to train differently than men

That’s just not the case! Of course, a woman cannot move the same weight as a strong man, but the woman has to train hard and intensely just as much! Targeted muscle training on strength machines or in the free weight area should therefore include every stomach-legs-butt training plan .

Very often women only train in the endurance range on the cross trainer or on the treadmill. As described in point 1, women are afraid that they will assume the stature of a man as soon as they have the slightest contact with a dumbbell.

Note: The dream bodies of women in fitness magazines did not come about through easy endurance training on the stepper – no, such performances are only possible through hard and intensive strength training with heavy weights!

Frauen Bodybuilding

You still have doubts?

Then take a look at u Our interviews with the female athletes, such as Sophia Thiel or Anja Zeidler . There D u can read exactly what their regular training plan looks like.

Conclusion on the topic of women bodybuilding

Most claims about women bodybuilding are myths and do not correspond to reality! Muscle training makes women healthier, more attractive and stronger. My appeal to the world of women: take a quiet visit to the dumbbell area!

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